Surtron® 120

The Surtron 120 is a diathermy unit designed for minimally invasive surgical procedures, Offering flexibility of cut, coagulation and a combined ‘blend’ setting.

It has 5 different operational modes:

Cut – Produces a pure cut, allowing excisions similar to a scalpel.

Blend – Combines the pure cut and coagulation modes into one mode. Ideal for operating in a haemostatic field, significantly improving their field of vision and reducing patient blood loss.

Forced Coagulation – Creates resistance in the upper most layer of tissue resulting in superficial coagulation. Enables the removal of surface structures without damaging deeper or peripheral tissues as well as cauterising large surface areas quickly when required.

Soft Coagulation – Deeper penetration of coagulation. Bleeding vessels can be sealed without carbonisation using the soft coagulation setting.

Bipolar – Cauterise vessels during more complex procedures as well as easily removing raised lesions such as skin tags and warts.

Key Features:

No degradation of the tissue means that the high quality histopathological samples taken will be easily read.

5 operation modes offer the clinician better accuracy and versatility.

Pre-setting the power of the cut and coagulation allows switching between the two modes at the touch of a button for dynamic and versatile surgery.

Smooth button interface that allows for easy cleaning and sterilisation.