Single-Use Cautery Pens & Tips

FIAB’s F7244 is high-temperature electrocautery. This single-use pen is a disposable cautery, with a high temperature of 1200°C/2192°F. It also has a 28mm fine tip for delicate and fine work.

The high-temperature model of the F7244 has proven itself to be particularly useful in the more popular sport of fly fishing. In other words, In the fly fishing world, it is the perfect tool for fine-tuning your fly. Because its more common uses are burning loose threads, deer hair, and synthetics from the eye of the hook.

FIAB’s F7255 is low-temperature electrocautery. This cautery pen is disposable and has a low-temperature of 600°C/1112°F. Each pen is secure in its own autoclave sterile pouch. Again, the low-temperature is ideal for physicians, dermatologists, and ophthalmologists working in minor or superficial areas. It’s a 28mm fine tip for precision work.

Once again, designed for medical procedures that require precise homeostasis, such as occult-plastic, hand surgery and orthopedic procedures, cardiovascular, and thoracic. Furthermore, using F7244 or F7255 for cauterization satisfies many areas in the medical field.