DermLite DL1 Basic

The DermLite DL1 Basic. Highly compressed smartphone dermoscopy for iPhone, iPad, and Samsung Galaxy.

A development of the proven DermLite DL1, this pocket-sized device features a full size, high quality 15mm lens with a three-element configuration, optimised for smartphones and tablets onto which it attaches. It enables patients to capture crystal-clear, polarized dermoscopic images of both pigmented and non-pigmented skin lesions. The unit includes a polarized spacer and glass faceplate, a standard USB cable for charging, and the MCC which can be connected to any mobile device. The battery can be recharged from any USB port, the AC charger (included), or even via your very own smartphone/iPad charger. Due to its unique lighting angle, it works just as well for ENT exams as it does for dermoscopy.


The App

The DermLite DL1 basic has been designed to work seamlessly with the DermLite iOS app available for free at the App Store. An Android version is not yet available, but rest assured that no special app is required for patients to capture great dermoscopic images with their Android phone and DermLite DL1 Basic device. The app allows a patient to capture dermoscopic photos, assign a localization on a virtual mannequin, and email images to a dermatologist. Patients may even store up to 100 images on a secure cloud server free of charge.


Key Features
  • Small, compact, pocket-size
  • Retains high quality synonymous with DermLite
  • Enables crisp, sharp images to be taken with a smartphone
  • Can be used as a stand-alone dermatoscope
  • Same lens size as the original DL100
  • Cross-polarized mode
  • Recharges from any Mac or PC, or via your Apple charger