DermLite Nailio®

Nailio: The Versatile Base with Red Light.

Once you attach the DermLite Foto X to Nailio®, you’ll have unparalleled portable digital dermoscopy, nail imaging, and capillaroscopy. Nailio®, with its brightness-adjustable red LED, improves visualization of deep nail structures and capillaries.

Highlight Features

By being able to independently adjust the brightness of white and red light, choose the perfect balance to highlight the particular structures you care about. You can see some examples in the pictures to the left.

Camera Compatible

Whether you use the Foto X in combination with Nailio or on its own, simply attach your smartphone, tablet or camera (via an optional magnetic adapter, sold separately), and capture dermoscopic images of amazing clarity.

See deeper than ever before

Aside from classic dermoscopy, DermLite Foto X & Nailio® may help with differential diagnosis of hematoma vs. melanin pigmentation, differentiating different types of onycholysis, and may be helpful in the management of melanonychia.

Versatile imaging

Capture amazing photos with virtually any compact, mirrorless or DSLR camera.

Infection Control – Covered

Nailio’s smooth exterior is easy to keep clean and easy to disinfect. For the ultimate in protection, custom-fitted disposable IceCap® Covers slip over its base plate. Each Nailio includes a small sample supply, packs of 50 are sold separately.