Horus Advanced HS 1000 Skin Imaging System with FAV

The HS 1000 does automatic total body mapping for complete mapping of patients moles and lesions. It has 2000 LEDs with both white light and polarised light, and utilises ultrasound distance detector to position the patient to achieve best results.

The Horus FAV (Fluorescence Advanced Videodermatoscopy) takes advantage of the new fluorescence video-microscopy at high magnification. It allows one to view in vivo layers, that in the past, could only be evaluated after biopsy and specific microscopic examinations.

Horus FAV is also equipped with another probe which has a medium magnification (150x and 300x), and low magnification (30x) to carry out normal video dermoscopy. The advanced technology of the probe, together with its weight of just 195 grams, allows it to analyse every part of the body.